Bringing Santa Directly To Your Home - Live From the North Pole!

About StoryFile

The StoryFile team is thrilled to use its incredible AI technology to bring joy, fun, and holiday spirit to children everywhere this year. As a global leader in AI technologies that support interactive and conversational video storytelling, the goal was simple: bring Santa to town this Christmas! Children and adults alike can speak with Santa directly and ask questions in real-time.

StoryFile uses powerful natural language processing paired with its cloud-based AI-driven interactive conversational video platform to create one-of-a-kind conversation experiences. StoryFile’s proprietary Conversa technology platform revolutionizes storytelling, creating an entirely new medium.

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Ask Santa is brought to you by StoryFile and The Red Sled Santa Foundation in support of the American Heart Association

Giving is the heart of the holidays, and the American Heart Association captures this giving spirit every day of the year. They are making an extraordinary impact on the lives of kids by improving patient care, advocating for healthy policies, empowering kids and their families to live healthy, addressing barriers to health, raising awareness, and protecting the future.